Available courses

Humayra takes us through the configuration of a Safaricom SIP trunk and how to guide a client who is in need of such a service.

Denson takes us through troubleshooting common JTL alerts, the architectural design of the JTL platform, and how to access various services via IPMI, SSH, and web console.

How to configure IP phones to use 3CX 

This is a course that walks you through cloudberry as a product and the process of setting it up

- What is Nextcloud

- How to configure add new users 

- How to configure storage on Nextcloud

- What is DR

- How to Setup DR

- Requirements for DR setup

- Monitoring DR

- How to setup a Cloudberry account

- Types of Licences Available

- How to Install the Cloudberry to tool on different servers (Linux, Hyper V, Windows)

- How to create Backup Plans

- How to Restore backups

- How to create Buckets for Reseller Accounts

- How to Assign Licences to reseller accounts

- Troubleshooting Common Cloudberry errors

- Monitoring Cloudberry Managed backup

Setup Linux VM as a mail relay based on Postfix

Configure a domain to receive and send emails through the VM

Ensure server is not an Open Relay

Install Zimbra Mail server

Configure a domain to send/receive emails on Zimbra

Install Letsencrypt SSL on Zimbra Server

Setup Cluster of email servers

Setup LDAP

Office365 features

How to Provision office 365

Basic Administration and Troubleshooting for Office 365

Basic Email troubleshooting for common email bounce back errors

Configure outlook to receive email and default ports

- Install and configure Cloud Hosted Mikrotik 

- Configure Interfaces to access Internet.

- Configure PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC on the Mikrotik

 - Configure Interfaces

 - Configure Routes 

- Configure VPN 

- Configure Wifi

- Configure BGP 

- Configure Profiles. 


- Install Cpanel on a VM

- Create account / Host a Website

- Editing DNS Records

- Configuring Local Backups 

- Setting up Remote Backups e.g to AWS

- Basic Wordpress troubleshooting steps

- Basic Joomla Troubleshooting

- Basic Laravel Troubleshooting

- How to Install Softaculous

- How to check services affecting Website Performance e.g SQL

- Install 3CX on a VM

- Configure a Sip Trunk/Setup on Voipswitch

- Configure Inbound/Outbound rules for the Trunk

- Configure extensions

- Configure IVR 

- Test Integration to a free CRM 

- Generate reports 

- Whitelist IP's

- Add / Deduct credit to a user


- Pfsense Installation on a Virtual Machine

- Configuration and addition of the Interfaces

- Setup OVPN and users profile.

- Setup IPsec between Pfsense and other devices(e.g Mikrotik)

- Setup Connection to VPC on Cloudstack. 

- Vlan addition on Pfsense


- Installation and Configuration of CAL Licences 

- Types of CAL Licences

- How to Install from SPLA account

This is a course on how Angani does its server inventory at its two data centers. The latter ensures that all resources on the hosts are properly documented.

This is an overview of vSRX and how it is used in Angani